Meet Downstay!


Downstay is owned and operated by Alexandria (Lexi) Brown, Ph.D. and is located in Northampton, Massachusetts.

You can call me Dr. Lexi.

I've always been energized by the amazing bonds between people and animals. I think this bond is one of the most important and most neglected attachments in the lives of many humans and their animal companions.


My Downstay Method is focused on these central relationships and building a team with your animal, not just relying on food rewards. Downstay is heavily influenced by positive reinforcement training methods, but also draws from brain development biology and psychology, physiology, and trauma and learning theory.

During my Ph.D. I studied the neurological and hormonal underpinnings of aggression and physiological tradeoffs.  I have given seminars across the country, from San Francisco, CA to Ithaca, NY.  My likes are running with dogs, working with animals, and helping people with their animal problems.

Meet Nicholas, trusty Downstay assistant.


Dr. Lexi's assistant Nick helps with day-to-day Downstay business. He has loved animals since he was a tottering toddler, and now he's a Downstay trainee. He is a mighty outdoorsman and can almost keep up with Dr. Lexi on a half-marathon (almost). His likes are hiking with or without dogs, climbing, being a firm but benevolent leader, and petting all of the cats. All of them.

Meet Teddy, the Downstay dog.


Mr. Teddy Diamond Bear is a border collie, but herding just isn't his thing. He's a playful, mischievous little imp--but a friend to all creatures great and small. Teddy has been socialized and trained using the Downstay method expressly for helping teach and comfort people and other dogs.  His play bow is so legendary that it even appears as the official Downstay logo.  His likes are people, dogs, tug, and squeaky toys.