Downstay Daycare/Board and Train Services


Our daycare and boarding options are a great alternative to obedience classes and other kinds of training. We also highly recommend these programs for sensitive dogs, dogs with behavioral issues, and dogs under 16 months.

We keep the number of dogs in our care very low so they can all receive individualized attention and time with Dr. Brown. We make sure they get exercise, gentle socialization, and positive training throughout the day while you're away, and we make sure your dog isn't getting the wrong kind of mental stimulation.  And don't worry, they'll still be tired out at the end of the day.

All of these services can be customized to work on specific behavior issues on your request.


Whole-dog Daycare and Train - $95/day, $80/day for each additional dog

Our approach to "daycare" is so different, I'm not even sure we should call it daycare.  It's more like dog school (but fun!). The day encompasses both training and therapeutic elements that enhance your dog's behavior.

The day begins at 9am with 3 hours of moderate or intense exercise interspersed with several 15-minute obedience training bouts. Recent research has shown that this kind of training interspersed with fun, mentally stimulating exercise makes learning more efficient for dogs (which is also in-line with our observations). Expect improved recall, leash-walking, and overall basic obedience from this training exercise.

After the exciting morning, dogs are encouraged to have a little snack and then take a nice nap for at least an hour. We do this for 2 reasons: 1) sleeping after training has been shown to improve learning and memory formation in dogs, and 2) much like children, exhausted dogs may act out and may have trouble paying attention later in the day.

In the afternoon, when the dog is ready for the next part of her day, we take a 15-minute relaxing walk in the woods to help them transition to about 30 minutes of training games. Dogs love these games! Here they learn concrete concepts like "leave-it", "drop-it", and "take-it", in addition to important ideas like cooperation, sharing resources, and looking to a human leader for guidance and structure.

Often, after all of this stimulation, exercise, and fun, dogs are ready for some quiet time. This could mean lounging in the sun or by the fireplace, playing in the brook, or spending some time playing with one of our CleverPet Hubs where your dog will learn to solve fun, mentally-stimulating puzzles.


Whole-dog Board and Train - $110

When you board your dog with us, you can feel confident that your animal is receiving the very best treatment, training, structured playtime, and exercise. Your dog gets all the benefits of our daycare plus dinnertime and a bed and crate in the Cozy Cave where he or she can relax and feel safe. We use DAP diffusers to help calm nervous dogs (not sleeping in your regular bed can be scary!) and lots of gentle reassurance. It's okay if your dog isn't crate trained yet, we do that too.

Additional packages--including those for puppies--are available in our specialty services.

 Pypy and Fern live inside, but sometimes come out for tasty clover.

Pypy and Fern live inside, but sometimes come out for tasty clover.

"Exotic" Animal Care Options - prices vary

Did you know that Dr. Brown is also a member of the House Rabbit Society? That's because rabbits can be great companions too. Talk to us about your boarding or home-visit needs for house rabbits, parrots, and other animal friends.