Behavior Coaching and Therapy

In these sessions, we'll address your animal's behavior challenges and work up a treatment plan. All or our techniques are gentle, fun, and backed by scientific research. Initial consultations are risk-free.

A portion of all of our services supports Downstay's HomeSafe Program.


Behavior Consultation - $325 plus mileage

We love your fractious cats and your bitey parrots as much as you do. No, really. Got a parrot that won't step up?  A sheep that won't go in the barn? A horse that runs away from you?  No problem.  We also see dogs, of course. Some examples include aggression, fearfulness, anxiety, PTSD, reactivity, destructiveness, self-harming behaviors, inappropriate potty behaviors, excessive vocalization, and more. 

These consultations start with an initial phone call, and then we'll schedule a home visit.  You'll come away with the tools you need to get started, a written treatment plan, and access to follow-up consultation options if needed.


Human-animal intersection coaching - $275 plus mileage

For some people, the relationship with their companion animal is as vital as any other central relationship.  Conversely, the human-animal bond is vital to your companion animal's quality of life. How can you get your animal to listen to you or be more loyal? What steps could you take to be more patient with your animal? How can we process the grief and guilt of losing them?


Rehabilitation for Troubled Animals - $150 and up

Targeted therapeutic approaches that we use are fun and engaging for the animal. We'll apply the treatment plan that we provided in the behavior consultation. This is for people who need results quickly, don't have time, or just need a little support executing the plan.


Rehoming services

It's so hard to let an animal pal go, but sometimes it's better for the animal. We can help. In our confidential rehoming program, we match wonderful animals in transition to homes we have vetted and pre-approved. This is a great alternative to surrendering your friend to a rescue or shelter. We guarantee an appropriate placement that you can feel really good about, and you can even be a "guardian angel" to insure that your animal is protected for the rest of her life.


Looking to adopt?

Here are the incredible animals we have in our care who are in need of new homes. Each of these animals has gone through our rigorous obedience and behavior modification program. Also, each animal has been closely evaluated for their natural, genetic temperament. Unlike a shelter or rescue group, we stand behind our evaluations for up to a year so that you can adopt risk-free.