Puppy and Adolescent Dog Specials

The way your young dog is treated in the first year of their life will impact your relationship--and their behavior--for a lifetime.  However, few people have the time or expertise to raise the perfect pup.  Let us do it for you.

A portion of all of our services supports Downstay's HomeSafe Program.


Puppy Special

Overnight: $1,925/7-days or daycare: $1,495/7-days

The first 16 weeks of your dog's life are when he or she learns what is safe and what isn't.  Trainers recommend that puppies are introduced to a huge range of people, situations, objects, textures, and more with positive reinforcement and gentle encouragement. Start your little pal out on the right paw with this plan, which includes age-appropriate exercise, gentle play, strategic socialization, grooming and body handling preparation, exposure to new things, and basic obedience including proper potty behaviors. This is a "puppy kindergarten" and so much more.  Great for aspiring service or therapy dogs, ESAs, agility dogs, or to prep for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test--or just the most amazing dog friend you've ever had.

Note: Optimal timing for this special is between week 8 and week 16 of puppy's life, but it will still help even if you miss the critical period.


Adolescent/New Dog Special

Overnight: $1,925/7-days or daycare: $1,495/7-days

Young adult dogs and new-to-you dogs also may need special treatment.  Both can be a little unpredictable or fearful or develop odd behaviors. Adolescent dogs are also often very energetic and easily distracted, which can pose a uniques challenge.  This plan includes age-appropriate exercise, training games, controlled exposure to new stimuli, basic obedience, body handling and grooming, and healthy, safe socialization (not just letting them loose at the dog park!).

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